Dear To Me

Dear to me, are the women in my family. 

This past December my family and I visited my hometown, the place I lived the first seven years of my life.  I spent a lot of time around my mom, aunts and female relatives, realizing there is so much of them reflected in me and so much of me reflected in them.  Even though I do not see them often, they are important to me because they were part of my formative years.

With the current situation in this country, I feel, it is extremely important to go back to basics.  To return to what is really important to us.  To revisit those core values our loved ones have taught us.

In my family there are more women than men and with this series I wish to celebrate them.  I am proud of their accomplishments and their uniqueness.  I celebrate their strength.  Their sensitivity.  Their humor. Their cooking abilities. Their ability to share. Their wisdom.  

I celebrate their drama.

And their pain.

I value their teachings because they have made a lasting impression on me.

These women are funny, interesting, dramatic, STRONG! And, most importantly, they live a simple life.  I hope to honor their teachings and influence someone as much as they have influenced me.  One does not need much to be happy and that is something I wish to remember along their graceful stories; which make me smile.  

*Most images shot and edited with iPhone 6s.